Your Intuitive Centers

E08F584F-2D37-45E0-A876-9461DEC2F288Look how she leans away from him, her body language says it all!

Your body has three major somatic centers of intuition.  They are always telling us what we need to know about people, places, and things.  All we have to do is stop and listen. The more we practice listening the easier it becomes to receive these messages.

I’ve been closely following the #metoo movement that has been in the news and social media. Of course, just like every other woman…. me too. I choose not to elaborate, but I can say that turning 12 was a wake up call. Me just being a girl of prepubescent age provoked everything from unwarranted comments, insults all the way to unsolicited advances of surprisingly older sources. I always found a way to play dumb, laugh it off and safely move on. I’m one of the lucky ones.

As a teen/young adult I became overly aggressive. It definitely warded off any potential threats but it also kept me from creating warm nurturing relationships. I dressed like a boy, cut my hair short like a boy and tried to be tough like a boy. I wanted to be seen as one of the boys.

By adulthood, working in restaurants and bars it was so common to be inappropriately groped that the constant sleazy comments were the least of my problems. By the time I was in a office building cubicle farm atmosphere, it was improper compliments and passive aggressive shoulder rubs. I still shudder thinking about certain people I used to work with.

I’ve also been closely looking at how I interact with others. I’m naturally flirty, crass, obscene and brash. Or have I been conditioned to be this way? I’ve learned how to behave badly and be suggestive to the point of crossing boundaries. We inherently know when we ourselves are on the fringe of being out of line . But how can we tell when others are?

We have three major somatic intuitive centers on our body. The word somatic means relating  to the body.  The three centers are the third eye, the heart center, and our solar plexus. These three centers on our body are always taking in information to digest so that it may interpret the information for us. We can receive the information from these centers of our bodies in various ways.

The Solar Plexus  is constantly reaching out and frisking people, places and things for information.  The solar plexus will usually tighten up if we are around someone that is not good for us. The solar plexus will let us know if another person is a good person for us to be around or not a good person for us to be around.  This solar plexus will also tighten up when we are in a fight or flight situation. It is our gut instinct. It is the intuitive center of our body that usually lets us know if something is safe or not.

Our Heart Center is the place on our body that receives emotional information. It is the intuitive center that can pick up what others are feeling. People who are capable of easily picking up on other peoples feelings are called empaths. Being empathic means having the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.  This is the part on our body that can tell us if someone is feeling mad, glad, loving, hateful, undermining, passive aggressive, embarrassed, hopeful, disappointed…etc.  Our heart center will help us physically move our bodies away from things that are not good for us.

A test that you can do is by placing two choices in two separate blank envelopes. Mixing the envelopes up and holding the envelopes one at a time close to your heart . Your body will instinctively move away from the choice that is not good for you and will sway towards the choice that is best for you. You can do this in the produce section of your grocery store with produce to test it out. Just hold produce choices near your heart one at a time and you will move closer to the best choice for you. You’ll also get a few curious stares.

The point being, in the picture posted in this blog you can see the actress leans away from the man accused of being a predator. This is not the only picture of actresses leaning away from this accused predator.  Your body will instinctively move away from people who are not good for you. Your body will instinctively move away from places that are not good for you. Your body will instinctively move away from things that are not good for you.

Your Third Eye Center is constantly scanning the ethers for information. This is the center of your body that is pulling information from the universe. It is your cognitive center. It is the way that you are able to know things without knowing why or how you know them. This center of your body is a direct connection with universal wisdom, universal discernment, universal imagination, universal knowledge and universal intuition.  This intuitive center helps you to just ‘know’.

You can become more practiced in utilizing these somatic centers. By using these three intuitive centers, the stronger they become. The stronger these centers are made, the stronger the messages will be. All you have to do is stop, listen and check in when navigating life’s challenges. As with everything, exercise them regularly.

Sending hugs, love and bright blessings.

Namaste ‘




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