The Tools that Yoga gave

I’ve been thinking a lot. As you may know I have down time. I’ve accomplished a goal and the past week I am starting to come down off of the high. My mind has been swimming. I have had students more and more confide in me about some of their life experiences.

I ask myself, “What would my teacher do?”. As in, if I were to ask my teacher how I should help, console, teach…etc. What would my teacher do? I’ve learned about more yoga in the past 5 years and should have something to show for it, so here it goes.

Here is a list of my tools when dealing with life and the situations that come up.

  • Long Game Vs. Short Game
  • Spiritual, Intellectual, Emotional, Physical
  • Yamas & Niyamas

The Long Game are all the things that you must do in order to stay in the game. The long game can be six months or the rest of your life depending on the circumstance. I’ve been doing lot’s of life review this last year and I can tell you from personal experience, I wish I could play the long game with short game plays. Most of the time the long game consists of me personally keeping my mouth shut and the tap of verbal diarrhea turned to the off switch.

When playing the long game the main thing to do is think from the standpoint of, “What do I need to do in order to remain in the game?”. Ruining relationships and burning bridges can get you kicked out of the game faster than you want to leave. To stay in the long game patience is key and not always easy. The waiting it out will make you stronger and more adept at playing the long game.

The short game is just that, it is fast. Moving fast, speaking without thinking and impatience are the ways of the short game. Questions to ask yourself…Is it worth it? Do I care? Am I hurting myself/others? By taking into consideration all the variables you may find that the long game may be in your best interest.

The spiritual, intellectual, emotional and physical  aspects can be taken into account when resolving personal issues.  I was thinking of an issue recently. And thought to myself that instead of giving advice on the problem I could show how looking through these lenses may help.

Spiritual side of things. I have some super natural beliefs. And one of them is about spiritual vibration. If you are aligned with that thing, you will call it into being. Like attracts like and so on. So if it is something that you do not want to experience think about what you do want to experience in this human form. I can go on and on about expansive energy and big boundaries as spiritual beings, really in the end we are all one and all have had the same or similar experiences. Does it matter, as all is forgiven when we return to spirit…..well I think it matters, as you are here on Earth. But what is the spiritual side of the situation and how do you come from the spiritual standpoint when dealing with life’s stuff.

Intellectual is getting to the nitty gritty of the analytical aspect of what ever it is that you are going through or experiencing.  How did you come to your conclusion? What was the logic or reasoning used in what you think is going on or of what you did, or how you reacted….etc. Really breaking things down sometimes helps us diffuse the experience of mind fucking ourselves to death.

Emotional connecting to an experience can be good and bad. Sometimes we are called upon to be emotionally invested in the situation or experience because after all it does concern us. But do what extent do we allow ourselves to be emotionally invested?  It situation is different everyone’s experience will not be the same. But by not staying in an emotionally balanced placed can lead to playing by short game rules.

Physical aspects of the experience or situation can be encountered in several ways. By punishing ourselves for mistakes or worrying about things beyond our control can be detrimental to our own personal health. We all know this.  Also if you are having a physical relationship that has become apart of the experience or situation your dealing with, this can involve an infinite amount of variables. Personal physical attachments are more real than an addict with heroin. There are studies to show the amount of feel good hormones produced when you are engaged in physical encounters. Upsets in affairs of the heart on a physical level can drive the sane mad.

Yamas and Niyamas are like the Yogis Ten Commandments. How can you view the situation or experience that you are having through these lenses? Compassion/Non-Harming, Truthfulness, Nonstealing, Nonexcess, Nonpossessiveness, Purity, Contentment, Self-Discipline, Self-Study and Surrender.

Stay compassionate to yourself and others through this situation that you are experiencing. No one ever wins at the blame game. Be kind and gentle as everyone makes mistakes.

Be honest with yourself and with others in a way that is gentle and kind. Brutal honesty is not going to help you or others at this point. Take care with your words. Showing yourself kindness shows others that you can be kind to them.

Nonstealing in a situation takes thought. Are you stealing from others, from yourself? Are you stealing time? Energy? Experiences?

NonExcess can also be a life saver in conflicts. Are you taking drugs and alcohol to numb the pain? Are you obsessing? What ways are you over indulging that is making things worst?

Nonpossessiveness can be over thinking or obsessing about something that you just need to let go of. How can you let go? What are things that you can let go of that will help diffuse the intensity of the experience?

Purity is endless in it’s possibilities. How can we purely enter into resolution? Clear thinking, eating and drinking can help us in the way we deal with others and ourselves. The clearer the mind the quicker the resolution comes.

Find Contentment in the process of resolving your own problems. Know that this is a part of your life’s work and that this is where you are on the path. Be in the present with where you are at with this.

Self Discipline can keep you in the game. Self Discipline can make you into the person that you have always wanted to be. Learning refinement in resolution of personal problems is a skill that will take you far.

Self Study…..take a good long look at yourself and ask the hard questions. How am I responsible? Does this always happen to me? How have I participated in the contribution of what I am experiencing? What can I do to ensure that this doesn’t happen again? Why do I always do this? What is it about this that I find myself repeating?

Surrender yourself to the possibilities. Be open to participate in a way that is thoughtful and engaged. A resolution can come at anytime from outside of yourself. Know that anything is possible.

Anything is possible.





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