August – Brahmacharya

August – Brahmacharya

Brahmacharya is Sanskrit and translates as moving in a ‘God like sense. I know not one person reading this woke and decided that they were going to move and act like God today. But there are many ways that the modern yogi can participate in brahmacharya without taking a vow of celibacy or renouncing all worldly pleasures. Moderation. Moderation is key in many of the different areas of our life.

Moderation can be practiced on many different levels and in many different areas of our lives. Eat too much Halloween candy and you get a tummy ache. Drink too much and get a hangover. Do too much yoga practice and you can become injured.

Over doing the things in life can also lead to burn out. Work too much? You will eventually need a real break. Over excess seems to ne the American way. There are many activities that can have attributes of gluttony. Shopping, entertainment and sex are just a few. But how can we move from excess to enough?

It is this moment of ‘just enough’ that we work at trying to recognize with in ourselves. Enough work. Enough shoes in our closet. Enough wine with dinner. Knowing when to say when and when enough is enough.

Not having the ability to connect with ourselves to gauge properly when enough is enough is an invitation to ourselves to start listening. We can take time to slow down and listen to ourselves when we’ve reached the point of excess. Finding ourselves sacred and the connection that we have with Divinity can help be that guiding light. We can stop and listen to ourselves about how to proceed in moving in a way that is moderate.

Being owned by something can lead us away from our intentions to be the best version of ourselves. And when we begin to recognize that sacred part of ourselves and listen to that guiding light we become better equipped and see we are no longer owned by excess of any one thing.

We can learn to practice seeing what is enough and making that our stopping point. Recognition that Divinity resides in all things can bring us to what is just enough for us in our lives.

Wishing you all Bright Blessings!

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