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February Newsletter – Ahimsa Compassion

February Newsletter
This month we look at Ahimsa. Ahimsa is a Sanskrit word meaning– Nonviolence, compassion, non-harming, abstaining from evil, respect for life. It is common that this translates to compassion. Compassion can be seen as sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes for others. We can see the meaning and understand through words, but how do we show compassion?
Compassion means to show passion for the well-being of something. To be passionate about the welfare of people, animals, self and nature is the umbrella in which all other limbs of yoga fall under. This means when we are truthful, our truthfulness stays within the boundaries of compassion and being non-hurtful. When we practice the art of letting go like in Aparigraha, we practice a kindness in letting go. Practicing abstinence, as in Brahmacharya, we do so with a kindness that will allow us room for growth.
We can practice compassion for ourselves, others, animals and the Earth. We can practice compassion when we write, when we think , when we eat and drink. Ahimsa turns us from harming self and others to kindness and compassion for self and others. It is the love and compassion for the entirety of creation and all components of the Universe. It can be loving kindness to everything we are surrounded by.
In this month’s practice we will work on how we show ourselves compassion physically. Can we be kind to ourselves as we work hard? Can we grow stronger as we stay compassionate in our growth? Are we loving towards ourselves as we move into the future?
Some of us have recently experienced some hard knocks during this period of Mercury Retrograde, (January 21 – February 11) and we are now on our way to renewing and growing from our learned experiences. I’m sending love and light to all of you who may have received more than your fair share of Mercury Retrograde this go around.
Melanie Comegys