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August Newsletter – Moving into the Sacred

August News Letter-Hip Openers Moving us into the Sacred

This month we explore Hip Openers, a very popular class in the past and a several requests for more! Through out August we will use hip openers to connect us with the Sacral Chakra Energy Center. In sanskrit the Sacral Chakra is called Svadhisthana. This energy center is found at the lower abdomen. This energy center governs water in your body, pleasure and creation. The flow of life. From here we create, give and receive in life’s pleasures and flow with life’s offerings.

Svadhistana translates to “My Own Sweet Abode”. It represents the qualities of Well-being, sexuality, abundance and pleasure. Through dance, swimming or vinyasa flow & hip openers we can physically connect to the qualities of the Sacral Chakra. To connect spiritually, we can practice meditation, fasting and celibacy.

Just like the sound of AUM connects us with our Third Eye, the sound of VANG in the note of D can connect us to the Sacral Chakra. Making sure we have enough in all areas of our life is a Sacral Chakra theme. As we are enough as we are and who we are is enough. Making sure we have just enough food, rest, exercise and money, never over indulging.

From the age of 7 to 14 years, we begin to connect and resonate with this energy center. As it is the source of pleasure and creation. Learning about the things that are pleasurable to us and creating through art or self expression.

I look forward to seeing you all in class.


Melanie Comegys


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July Newsletter – Rockets Red Glare

July-Rockets Red Glare

     Happy Birthday to the United States of America! In celebration of our nations birth we will bring focus to chatarunga and urdhva muka svanasana. Much like a rocket being fired off, we will piece together a flow with moving from Down Dog, Plank, Chatarunga and into Up Dog.

   Today Mercury goes direct, so many of the things we’ve had to put on the back burner will now fire off with great speed. The refinement of our postural practice that was used last month will come into play as we apply these methods in a faster pace practice. This fast movement will require us to maintain a steady focus in what we are doing. As we continue to build on what we know, we will use this concentration in our poses and practice.

      Dhyana is one of the Eight Limbs of Yoga. Dhyana is meditation, an uninterrupted flow of concentration. This is one of the layers that will be added to our practice. We will move from one asana to another with great concentration for the moment and pose that we are in. Keeping ourselves focused in the moment, we are not anticipating the next movement but finding contentment for where we are – santosha.

      Are you up to the task of applying santosha and dhyana in your practice? Do you have the ability to sustain and uninterrupted flow of concentration within each pose and have contentment of staying in that one place? Are you able to use your pranayama practice while applying these other methods? How many layers of your yoga practice can you be engaged in while being mindfully aware of each practice as an individual experience? Can you combine and at the same time keep separate?

     The word yoga means to join. When we piece two practices together and make the connection of those individual practices as a combined effort, you have Yoga. Yoga is connecting these very different practices into a combined effort.

      This month’s physical practice will be slowly built up. We will work on individual strengths in all our parts to bring together all of these parts at the end of the month. Designed as a slow progression into the much more difficult practice that we’ve been working towards. Toes, Core, Range of motion, Shoulder anatomy, Frontal and Saggital Planes will be discussed. This will give a context to why and how to move the shoulders and arms with safety and strength in mind.

      May you all have a great and safe 4th of July weekend!! I will be off this entire weekend but will be at all of my yoga classes through out the rest of the month.

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Melanie Comegys
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