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June-Revisiting and Revising Basics & Flow

June-Revisiting and Revising Basics & Flow

School is not out for all of us! As the Academic year ends some of us prepare for new beginnings.  As we enter into summer we are put on pause to reflect, review, revise, rearrange….etc. Mercury Retrograde begins June 7th and runs until July 1st. As Mercury is the planet ruling our communication I though it fitting to revisit some of the basic poses for the Basic/Beginner and Slow Flow Classes. Intermediate& Flow Classes we will build on the jumps and flow with integration and deep precision.

Summer Solstice occurs June 21st and this represents the midpoint & longest day of the year. As we have worked so hard or encountered some struggles, the rest of the year should be a steady downhill ride of windfalls and abundance. We are halfway through 2014, and wrapping the year up will be a cinch.

As we move in class it will be revising what you may have learned. It may be refining what you all ready have down. It will be revisiting or may be redefining. Rearranging flows or thoughts about how a flow should be. Rethinking your practice in it’s entirety. You may have guessed where I’m going with this, but it will be a theme of all the “re’s” for June.

Rest, restore, relax, resend, reprint, reproduce, retract, reference, repulse, relocate, repair, react……..take a tour of all the words beginning with “re”. Find what fits in this time of the Retrograde. Expect delays, missed phone calls, missing emails, travel delays. Word of caution……. repeat, resend, reword, and reply.

Know that this is the time to review plans and take rest. Know that the things that do not work out during this time frame are for your highest good. Missed something important? It may be to your benefit.

Many stories I’ve heard about people coming through this as winners for the simple fact that there was a communication breakdown, or a missed flight. Missed that important job offer, they may come through with a better offer than what you could have imagined for yourself. Missed your plane to that tropical Island, they may fly you out first class the next flight. Didn’t make it to your important gathering because you got the hotel wrong, well you just ended up in the lobby with your most favorite Rock Star or Actress.  Let the oars go and stop rowing so hard up stream. Allow your self to float and be carried by the flow of the river.

Prepare for July 4th, as we will come out of Mercury Retrograde to encounter things that had been delayed skyrocketing so fast forward we will have to run full speed to keep up! Take this time of the month of June to relax and put your feet up, enjoy the slow ride. Get on that floatie of life and get to floating around the pool!

This month’s Schedule:

Saturday Joy Yoga Washington-7:30 AM Surya Namaskara, 9:00 AM Slow Flow/Basics, 12 Noon Beginners WorkShop

Sunday Joy Yoga Washington 7:30 AM Surya Namaskara, 9:30 AM Slow Flow/Basics, 12 Noon Joy Yoga Flow/Intermediate, 1:15 Slow Flow/Basics

Tuesday Dynamic Fitness Pearland 7:30 PM Basics

Wednesday Joy Yoga Voss-4:30 PM Slow Flow/Basics, 6:00 PM Joy Yoga Flow/Intermediate

Thursday Dynamic Fitness Pearland -7:30 PM Intermediate


May Newsletter-May Fires Burn

May Newsletter-May Fires Burn

The first day of May is about renewed passion and being purified and cleansed through fire.  Sometimes we have to burn the debris to allow new growth to spring forth. Are we willing to stand in the heat to produce new bounty in our lives?

This month we explore the theme of Tapas. Tapas is a personal observance from the Niyamas of the Eight Limbs of yoga. Tapas literally means ‘heat’ and can be translated as catharsis, austerities, self-discipline, spiritual effort, change, tolerance or transformation.

Through our practice we are cooking ourselves in the fire of discipline to transform ourselves. By use of determined effort we can become someone of character and strength. Tapas helps to burn away laziness and selfish desires. We practice Tapas by regularly showing up to our mat for yoga practice and through that we offer ourselves to the next higher version of us.

Through unexpected loss or pain we ourselves sometimes become the field of fire burning. It is these times that shape and mold us into someone of depth. Our debris gets burned away and we are left humbled yet strengthened. The darkest times of pain and suffering weave something profound in us. Can we have the ability to stay in the fire and let ourselves be burned until we are blessed by the very thing that is causing us the pain and suffering?

During the month of May the asana practice focus will be navasana-boat pose, down dog and airplane. These shapes will shift into the warrior series mid-month. Taking the theme of tapas into our physical practice, can you withstand the poses that will help to transform? Will you allow tapas to change you into a cauldron so that you can withstand the fire?

Upcoming Workshops

Creating Alter Space-May 25th 2:30 – 4:30 PM Sunday Washington Ave. Joy Yoga

Animal Spirit Guide Meditation- June 22nd 2:30 – 4:30 PM Sunday Washington Ave. Joy Yoga

Chakra Reading- August 17th 2:30 – 4:30 PM Sunday Washington Ave. Joy Yoga

Current Schedule

Monday-Sundance Yoga Studio Friendswood TX 7:15pm

Tuesday-Dynamic Fitness Pearland, TX 7:30 pm

Wednesday-Joy Yoga VOSS –Houston, TX 4:30 PM & 6:00 PM

Thursday- Dynamic Fitness Pearland, TX 7:30 pm

Saturday-Joy Yoga Washington 7:30 AM, 9:00 AM, Beginner’s Workshop 12 NOON

Sunday-Joy Yoga Washington 7:30 AM, 9:30 AM, 12 NOON, 1:15 PM