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April Newsletter-

Melanie Comegys
E-RYT 200 HR
Yoga Alliance Certified

In this Newsletter: A Tree Poem, Exploring Tree Pose, Congratulations! New Classes & Workshops

April Newsletter- Advice from a Tree
Advice from a Tree
by Ilan Shamir

Dear Friend,
Stand tall and proud
Sink your roots deeply into the Earth
Reflect the light of your true nature
Think long term
Go out on a limb

Remember your place among all living beings
Embrace with joy the changing seasons
For each yields its own abundance
The energy and birth of spring
The growth and contentment of summer
The wisdom to let go of leaves in the fall
The rest and quiet renewal of winter

Feel the wind and the sun
And delight in their presence
Look up at the moom that shines down upon you
And the mystery of the stars at night
Seek nourishment from the good things in life
Simple pleasures
Earth, fresh air, light

Be content with your natural beauty
Drink plenty of water
Let your limbs sway and dance in the breeze
Be flexible
Remember your roots
Enjoy the view!

This month we will explore Vrksasana-Tree pose. The focus will be on rooting our feet into the Earth to create a strong foundation for our practice. As we explore the stability, security and safety of having our feet firmly planted into the ground the awareness will naturally be brought to the Root Chakra. The Root Chakra-Muladhara is an energy center located at the base of the spine but we connect to it through use of standing poses and body locks. Using the souls of our feet to connect with stability will enable us to hold ourselves upright.

Like a tree we will grow the pose from the roots up. In each class we will revisit this pose again and again. The repetitive action will bring sure-footedness each time we visit Vrksasana-tree pose. Building our security is closely associated with the root chakra. As we become more secure in this pose we positively connect to that energy center.

As we progress though class we will explore Mul-Bandha. Mula-Bandha is a body lock that brings a contraction that physically connects us directly to the Root Chakra. It brings more stability into the pose. It shores up the foundation that we’ve already created with rooting our feet into our yoga mats. Mula Bandha is the principal, key and primary Bandha of the Yogic traditions. Mūla Bandha is endemic to all safe, grounded workings of bodymind disciplines. This Bandha in and of itself conditions the Muladhara Chakra. We will work primarily with the physicality and technical aspects more than the esoteric.
And by the end of the month we will have grown like the tree.

New News! New News! New News!

NEW: Congratulations! New Certification! New Classes! New Workshops!

Congratulations! Celebrations!
A year ago on March 28th 2013 I taught my first class at Joy Yoga on Washington Avenue! For the last year I’ve been teaching at Joy Yoga!

E-RYT 200
I have reached my goal of an Experienced 200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher!
I am now an E-RYT 200 HR with Yoga Alliance – meaning I have taught over 1000 in two years.
Under the guidelines I am able to facilitate training for Continued Education Credits and be a Teacher in 200 Teacher Trainings.

I picked up new classes! Schedule:

Saturday- Joy Yoga Washington Ave.
• 7:30 AM Wake Up Salute the Sun-Surya Namaskara
• 9:00 AM Slow Flow/Basics
• 12 NOON Beginners Workshop

Sunday-Joy Yoga Washington Ave.
• 7:30 AM Wake Up Salute the Sun-Surya Namaksara –NEW!
• 9:30 AM Slow Flow/Basics
• 12:00 Noon Slow Flow/Basics
• 1:15 PM Slow Flow/Basics – NEW!

Monday-Sundance Yoga Studio-Friendswood (3/10 – 6/26)
• 7:15 PM – Level II

Tuesday- Dynamic Fitness-Pearland (4/22 – 10/28)
• 7:30 PM

• 7:30 PM

Workshops! Workshops! Workshops!

Joy Yoga Washington Ave. Work Shop: Creating Altar Space

In this workshop learn how to create altar space to use as a visual to help align with Asana practice or meditation.

15 minute opening discussion on Altars and how they are used. 15 Minutes of creating an altar to align with a Sun Salutation practice-Surya Namaskara. 30 minute Sun Salutation practice. 15 minute discussion on the Moon Salutations-Chandra Namaskara and how to create an Altar to align with asana practice. 15 minute Moon Salutation Asana practice and 30 minute guided Moon Meditation to help you align with the Moon energies. Please brings eye pillows/eye mask, pillows, sweater, blanket for this meditation to help make you comfortable.

Joy Yoga Washington Ave. Work Shop: Animal Spirit Guide Meditation

In this workshop learn about different types of animal spirit guides and meanings, experience a guided meditation to meet your animal spirit guide.

15 minute opening discussion about Animal Spirit Guides, types, and what to expect during the meditation. 30 Minute Asana practice to help you move energy and align physically with the animals. 45 minute guided meditation to meet your spirit animal. 15 minute discussion about experiences. Please brings eye pillows/eye mask, pillows, sweater, blanket for this meditation to help make you comfortable.

Joy Yoga Washington Ave. Workshop: How to Read your Chakras

In this workshop learn what a chakra is and how to read them, experience a guided meditation to help you align with them.

15 minute opening discussion on anatomy of a chakra and explanation of what it is and what it can do for you. Discussion and demonstration how to read Chakras using a pendulum, meaning of the direction of the swing and what happens when chakras are aligned. 45 minute guided meditation to open and align chakras. Please brings eye pillows/eye masks, pillows, sweater, blanket for this meditation to help make you comfortable, bring a favorite necklace or bracelet with a weighted charm or crystal attached. A pendulum or fishing weight on a string will do, bring pen and paper to record chakra readings.


March 2014 Newsletter-Winds of Change

March Newsletter- March brings in the winds of change!


With the coming of spring we all are filled with the excitement of newness and possibilities! The weather in March can at times be volatile. One minute it’s the best Spring Break weather ever, and within hours harsh winds and cold driving rain can dash a perfectly planned outing. Our plans do not always go as we expect. Expectations can sometimes lead to disappointments. But we have the ability to consciously choose how we react. We choose to be mad. We choose to be glad. Learn to shift our thoughts to things that makes us feel good we move into alignment with good things. Like attracts like. And we all deserve good.


This month we explore the crown charka. There are many practices out there that attempt to maximize the powers associated with the crown charka. Such practices may include entering into purposeful solitude, deep reflection, silence, prolonged fasting, all night prayer vigils and vision quests alone in nature. These types of techniques have been used since ancient times. What is the purpose? To fortify an internal spiritual connection with the divine.


By practicing yoga daily you will help yourself to stay grounded in spirit. The state of awareness known as Samadhi is the highest level reached through the Crown Chakra. Samadhi is when the ego dissolves and a union is formed with the Godhead. Heavy stuff, especially for those of you who do not resonate with a main divinity. But we can still try to reach that inner divine by letting go of the ego. Ahhh, the ego, always telling us that things are one way, when they are really the other.


To bring a physical context to the Crown Chakra we will look at Rabbit Pose. In Sanskrit Rabbit Pose is Sasangasana. We will view many aspects of this pose through out the month with our main focus being shoulder stability and upper body strength. Visiting many of our favorite poses such as Cobra, Up Dog and Chatarunga. We will use the month to build up upper body strength to enter in and out of Sasangasana safely. Bringing slow purposeful and deeply reflective movements into our practice will bring us into alignment with the Crown Chakra Theme.


I’m wishing you all a very beautiful spring. May your lives be abundant. And may your gratitude flow for all the small beautiful gifts that nature brings to us daily during this season.


My Current Schedule:


Starting Monday March 10th  7:15 pmFriendswood, TX Sundance yoga Studio

(This is my home studio where I grew as a student/teacher. I’m honored that my Teacher Alex Merkowitsch asked me to sub for her Level 2 class until June 26th)


Thursdays Dynamic Fitness Pearland, TX7:30 pm

SaturdaysJoyYogaWashingtonAveHeights 7:30 AM Surya Namaskar

SaturdaysJoyYogaWashingtonAveHeights 9:00 AM Basics

Saturdays Alternating Studios joy Yoga Beginners Workshop 12:00 – 2:00

SundaysJoyYogaWashingtonAveHeights9:30 Basics

SundaysJoyYogaWashingtonAveHeights12:00Noon Basics



Special Workshop Saturday March 22nd3:00 – 5:00 pm Animal Spirit Guide Meditation


Come and meet your animal spirit guide through this guided meditation. A 15 minute opening talk about this form of meditation, a 45 minute asana practice to exercise excess energy from our bodies and to help us connect with animals through shapes, a 30 minute guided meditation to assist you in meeting your animal spirit guide, and 30 minute discussion afterwards about animal spirit representations, meanings.


Please bring water, comfortable clothes and any extra props blankets, eye masks that will help you move into deep meditation.



Melanie Comegys