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February Newsletter -Hip Openers Self Love and Deservedness

February -Hip Openers Self Love and Deservedness

Ahhhhh Lamour! The month of creativity, love and the returning of the light. This month we move towards removing the blocks that keep us from the life that we say we deserve. We remove the blocks and attitudes that hold us back from our desired abundance. We focus on our hips which are connected to our sacral chakra the source of our creativity.

I usually write this at the very beginning of the month. Today is the 3rd of February and we have already begun moving and focusing on our hips in class. So many things happened over the weekend. Ground Hog Day, Super Bowl, Candlemas, The Feast of St. Brigid……and so much more. Friday night I attended Spiritual Bootcamp facilitated by Psychic Soulpath Healer Janelle Hoyland. The class was aimed at removing blocks, controlling personal energy, and practicing discernment. Saturday night I attended a celebration of Earth and Spirit that encouraged me to let go through dancing and laughter. Sunday I definitely felt as if I let go of something, but not able to articulate exactly what. I feel freer and lighter.

Sunday afternoon I facilitated a Hip Opening class and experienced something new as a teacher. I physically felt the class release emotionally, spiritually and physically. I was stunned that it was tangible and strong. As a group I think the class felt it also.

Many changes happening at once. There is a forward momentum that is happening for all of us. This will call for self-control, patience with yourself and others and engaging in ways to heal yourself. The success of this month is dependent upon your objective compromise. Taking action steps to participate fully in any way you can find to bring healing into your life through meditations, aromatherapy, healing salt baths, reading, prayer, learning to ask others for help, learning to ask your spiritual team for help, reiki treatments, massage…..etc. Do what has been calling out to you. Find a path that most resonates with the way you feel you need healing. Love of self first so that you may better love others.

There have been major schedule changes at the VOSS Joy Yoga location. I am not on the schedule for the month of February. They have changed the times and teachers in hopes that they are able to build up clientele so that they may eventually bring in additional classes and teachers. It is my hope that I return to the Voss Location to teach more. But I am at the mercy of the Universe and the plans that the Universe has for me. As for the month of February it is truly time for me to do serious introspection work through meditation, prayer, reading and journaling.

I will have more free time to provide you with the following services:
• Reiki Treatment
• Chakra Readings
• Angel Card Readings
• Private yoga Classes
• House Blessings/Clearings

My current class schedule:
• Thursdays Dynamic Fitness Pearland 7:30 PM
• Saturday Washington Joy Yoga 7:30 AM Surya Namaskara
• Saturday Washington Joy Yoga 9:00 AM BASICS
• Beginners Work Shop Series –Saturdays alternating location Washington/Voss
• Sunday Washington Joy Yoga 9:30 AM BASICS
• Sunday Washington Joy Yoga 12:00 NOON BASICS

May you all have a month filled with self love and abundance!

Melanie Comegys