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December Newsletter – Heart Openers

December Newsletter – Heart Openers

December is often a time associated with opening our hearts to others, to giving freely of ourselves and sharing space and time with those whom we hold most dear to ourselves. It’s a time for us to come together as a unified whole and practice unity, joy and brotherhood. These qualities of Joy, love, unity and brotherhood are directly associated with the heart chakra. Green being the color of this chakra as well as bringing green into the home brings us into the vibrational alignment of life, love and giving. The ever green a traditional plant that reminds us that winter will pass and our lives once again will be fruitful.

For the month of December we will be physically practicing heart openers. We will view the anatomical aspects of how we hold ourselves and our hearts. We will also look at how our emotions guide us to hold ourselves. We can ask ourselves if we are protecting our hearts, are we opening our hearts, have we closed our hearts to some while we continue to be wide open to others. Heart openers can be physically as well as emotionally difficult, so we will take our time and move with ease. We will set out intentions on taking a view of honoring our bodies and allowing our physical, emotional, spiritual and mental selves to be our guides in this practice.

One way that we can honor ourselves is by utilizing the invocation below. We will be practicing this invocation at the beginning of every class. An invocation is a way to align with our intentions. The below Sanskrit invocation will be used to invoke those qualities of honoring oneself. In seeing your mind, body and soul as a guiding force in your life. We align with the true teacher within and know that that light is there guiding us whether we see it or not. It is difficult to transcribe and translate the below Sanskrit text word for word. And you will find many variations as well as interpretations. I invite you all to find the interpretation that best represents your beliefs as well as what you resonate most with about the below invocation.

Om Namah Shivaya Gurave
Saccidananda Murtaye
Nisprapancaya Shantaya
Niralambaya Tejase
I open my heart to the power of Grace
That lives in us as goodness
That never is absent and radiates peace
And lights the way to transformation

I’m wishing you all peace and joy for this season. May you all have the brightest of blessings in your life!



November Newsletter-Worth of Selfhood

November Newsletter-Worth of Selfhood

As we come closer to the end of the calendar year we often use this time to take stock in ourselves and reflect on our past achievements. Having faith and trust in our own selves is vital to moving forward. When we trust what we feel and what we believe we validate ourselves and this is what makes us stronger when faced with the everyday obstacles of life. When we diminish our own light by disregarding how we feel about something this allows others to diminish us as well. Being strong and steadfast in what we know to be true to ourselves is only something that we can discern for ourselves. As well as that, no other person can make these choices for us as they do not have the understanding of the life lessons that we need to grow to be the unique individual that you need to be in this world. Having faith in ones self can prove very powerful. Trust your decisions, your instincts, your intuition and your voice. As these are the tools you were given to help guide you through your life.

This month we explore the Solar Plexus and the standing and balancing asanas. The Manipura is the energy center that influences self-confidence, personal power and freedom of choice. It helps us choose for our own highest good. Our personal power resides in this place & helps us to develop a sense of who we are. It is a place that assists us in knowing our self worth and that we are truly worthy of the life that we say that we want. We are worthy of love, kindness and respect……regardless of what we have done in our lives.

To help bolster ourselves we will use physical strength in shoring up our energy reserves in the Manipura/Solar Plexus. The poses we will be exploring will be standing, balancing and Warrior poses. Finding strength in the repetitiveness of this practice is sure to make for a strong finish to the year. May you all feel your worth. May you all feel strong and well in all your life decisions as they have brought you to this place.
Bright Blessings to you all!
Melanie Comegys

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