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October Newsletter – Twisted October

October Newsletter

October is here! The weather is changing and so are we. To reset those body clocks start this month with a cleanse, detox or regiment of cleansing oneself inside and out! This month’s theme for classes will be twists. As we explore ourselves deeper we realize that what served us in the beginning of the year may no longer hold any relevance for us now. What a perfect time to rid ourselves of the unnecessary. Clean out closets, pantries, our bodies and minds. As we cleanse and clean we open ourselves up to new experiences, relationships and learning opportunities.

This reminds me of Brahmacharya as it reminds us to abstain from overdoing a good thing. Too many pairs of shoes in that closet….give some away to a charity. Watching too much television……make time to be still and quiet without outside stimulation. Listening to too much Rock-n-Roll……silence the rhetoric that you’ve grown accustomed too. Eating too much chocolate……start a juice cleanse to help purify yourself. Brahmacharya guides us to be mindful of the relationships that we create with our surroundings and one another. The teachings of Brahmacharya suggests that we enter into relationships that foster our understanding of the highest truths. Brahmacharya means behavior with a respect to our goal of moving forward to the truth. Abstaining from too much of one thing or another helps us create a reverence for the things we cherish most.

To physically help us facilitate this idea we will be utilizing twists in all of our poses so that we may take the view of the ‘other side of the coin’ so to speak. Twists help our bodies detox by wringing our innards. Ridding our closets of the skeletons we can now start clean and fresh and enter into new relationships with the things we love with the utmost respect. Nature abhors a vacuum, so for everything one thing you clean out, it will be returned to you three-fold.

This month I will be facilitating a two-hour Beginner’s Workshop at Joy Yoga from noon – 2:00 pm Saturday October 5th, 12th & 19th . If you are interested in delving into the philosophy as well as some of the history there will be a lecture discussing Patanjali’s Eight Limb’s of Yoga as well as a short Asana practice to review the alignment principles of the most basic poses in yoga. Please join me if you are new to yoga or if you are interested in learning more.
This months Schedule:

Thursdays 7:30 PM Dynamic Fitness Pearland – NO CLASS THURSDAY October 31st

Saturdays – JOY YOGA : 7:00 AM-Sun Salutations , 9:00 AM-BASICS , 12 Noon-Beginner’s WorkShop, 2:30 PM –BASICS, 5:30 PM BASICS


Melanie Comegys