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June Newsletter – The Heat is On

June Newsletter – The Heat is On

“I know well
that the June rains
just fall.”
– Onitsura

May we all be refreshed, cleansed, cooled and purified by the rains of June. This month as we face the heat that June brings we also have an opportunity to be cleansed and purified by the cooling rain. Practicing purification of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies allows us to grow, expand and welcome new things into our lives. If you practice Purification on a regular basis you are practicing Yoga.

Saucha means purity and it is the first of the Niyamas. The Niyamas are observances of ourselves, in which Saucha allows us to view how we can cleanse our bodies, our speech and our thoughts. You can purify or cleanse anything, such as a living space, computer files….etc. So purifying can take on many different forms whether you are doing a juice cleanse or increasing an exercise routine. So whatever form purifying takes, it always begins with an intention to lighten the load we are carrying.

The practice of Saucha, or purity, of cleansing ourselves never ends. We are always improving, expanding and moving forward as we begin to lose the heaviness of waste. When we clear the clutter, we begin to feel lighter and more spacious.

Melanie Comegys

Here is my Profile on Joy Yoga website:

I am now the Basics Class Teacher at Joy Yoga for Saturdays and Sundays:
Joy Yoga Center Saturday 9:00 am Basics
Joy Yoga Center Sunday 9:30 am Basics

Here is my upcoming schedule:

• Joy Yoga Center Sunday June 2nd 9:30 am
• Alvin -ACC Tuesday June 4th 5:15 pm
• Alvin- ACC Thursday June 6th 5:15 pm
• Joy Yoga Center Saturday June 8th 9:00 am
• Joy Yoga Center Sunday June 9th 9:30 am
• Joy Yoga Center Wednesday June 12th 5:30 pm
• Joy Yoga Center Saturday June 15th 9:00 am
• Joy Yoga Center Sunday June 16th 9:30 am
• Joy Yoga Center Saturday June 22nd 9:00 am
• Joy Yoga Center Sunday June 23rd 9:30 am
• Will be off weekend of June 29th/30th


May Newsletter

May News Letter – Melanie Comegys Yoga

“All things seem possible in May.”
–  Edwin Way Teale

          Indeed they do! Everything is possible! Everything you’ve ever desired is at your fingertips! It is ultimately up to you to always reach for the next possible positive thought.  In creating positive thoughts for ourselves we create well being for ourselves. In creating wellness for ourselves we create more well-being in the world. If you think peaceful thoughts, you’ve are positively contributing to providing more peace in the world.

            We are what we think. Thinking loving thoughts about yourself and others creates more positive. Love begets love, joy begets joy and peace begets peace. While we are trained to focus on toxic thinking through media, it is up to each individual to think in positive terms on purpose. To think with purpose of creating positive thoughts about yourself and others helps others to do the same. Be an innovator of positive thinking. Be a clarifying example of joy and peace in the world. Think with deliberate intention!

            Relax, play, flirt, be curious, kind and gentle with yourself, others and the world around you. Be aware and in each moment with appreciation and gratitude. When things happen to us that feel bad, from that contrast we have the ability to create desire for something better. And to appreciate each moment is to become an appreciator. You begin to appreciate in kindness, gratitude, positive well being and all around existing.

           This last month I was busy working at Body Evolution, Dynamic Fitness, Alvin Community College and Joy Yoga in the evenings.  I very much enjoyed knowing that after my day job that I had somewhere to go to share the knowledge I’ve learned. I’m grateful for every single chance I had to share and teach. I know that my life’s purpose is teaching and I was very much able to be in the moment of the classes finding joy in doing what I’ve come to do. I’ve had this last week to spend with family and have some down time. I know that all things are possible and I’m ready for what is next. Things are working out for me and I’m having fun in the process!

          May you all find the endless possibilities of your own desires. May you all have fun in the creation process. May you all feel peace and well-being with every thought that you think. May you always create new desires to bring forth into fruition.