April Newsletter – Melanie Comegys Yoga


April NewsletterMelanie Comegys Yoga


“Hidden Deep in the heart of things,

Thou carest for growth and life:

The seed becomes shoot,

the bud a blossom,

the flower becomes fruit.

Tired I slept on my idle bed in the illusion that the work had an end.

In the morning I awoke to find that my garden was full of flowers.” ~Rabindranath Tagore

     In the above quote by Tagore, he shows us that even after the work of planting the seeds that the work never ends. In this season of new beginnings we are continuely responsible for the seeds that we plant. Every new relationship, job, project will continue to grow and flourish with our careful cultivation. In the garden of our lives we work tirelessly even after the fruits of our labor have been reaped. There are still new seeds to sow and gardens to tend.

     Day after day we weed our gardens with careful discernment. Sometimes the weeds take on the characteristics of the things we are intentionally trying to grow. They do this in order to flourish on the back of our hard labor and take over what we have carefully worked so hard for. It requires us to be in rythym with our own purpose and path so we intuitively know how to carefully rid our gardens of the things that are not in alignment with our values. And sometimes in the process of elimination there is valued growth that gets tossed too. The losses we suffer in the end always is an opportunity for new growth, as it leaves a vacant spot for the new, fresh and vital to sprout.

     As we begin the spring season with new ideas and a fresh sense of blooming, we must remember that even if our garden is fruitful, we will be required to tend and care for it daily. Weeds and pests pop up at the least expected times to offer us opportunities to prove our diligence. Time and time again our values will be tested and our path filled with obstacles. It is ultimately up to us to decide which gardens we will cultivate and which gardens we will allow to die.

Sending you all Bright Blessings for a beautiful and rich Spring!

Melanie Comegys 

Things to look for in the future!


Melanie Comegys will be at Body, Evolution, Dynamic Fitness and AlvinCommunity College in April – email me for details!


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